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Employee Retention Solutions was founded because simply put SMB’s need better service and solutions for Payroll, Benefits and Wealth.

Have you ever thought of Payroll as Technology? Most don’t. We view our Payroll service as a choice in Technology based on the needs of the business. The technology today offers Enrollment, an LMS, Online Engagement, Benefits Administration, Data Analytics, Talent Management, and last but certainly not least Payroll. Today’s Technology integrates with your 401k and Benefits provider. Integrated technology means less review and fewer mistakes. Engagement and Investment create TRANSPARENCY, which builds trust.

What do we mean by making Employee Retention Solutions the “Boutique Solution” of Payroll, Benefits, and Retirement? It’s simple, SERVICE the hell out of it. Do as much as we possibly can for the client ourselves. Remove roadblocks from the Payroll companies. Using our technology, anticipate enrollment, talk to employees, service employees, and EDUCATE employees. Provide updates on HR Law in real terms. Always welcome feedback and FIX it when there is an issue. This is our promise to our customers, to simply be the best we can be and always strive to be better.


The firm was founded in January 2021 by Partners Kate Kenney and Shaun Anderson to provide bespoke HR services for small-to-medium-sized organizations and businesses interested in scaling their operations.


Tom Queri joins the practice as Managing Partner, RDGWealth.


Kyle McDermott and Matt Merola join the Wealth team.


In December of 2021, Jeff Nagel merges his practice with ERS.


In January, RDGPayroll officially merges into the practice.


“We hustle, provide boutique services, are responsive, and help growing Upstate New York businesses achieve their goals”

The leadership team at RDG + Partners standing side by side in their office lobby

RDG+ Partners

ERS is powered by RDG.  What does that mean?  John Rizzo had a vision.  He wanted a company that could service his client in the areas of Payroll, Benefits and Wealth.  He brought on Kate Kenney and Shaun Anderson to run it.  That was how Employee Retention Solutions was born.

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Employee Retention Solutions helps organizations from diverse sets of industries optimize and grow their operations. Learn more about some of our success stories by viewing our case studies.

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