Adding technology for benefits administration saves time for CFO

Rochester, New York

Client Overview

This company had a manual process for benefits and lacked service on the benefits brokerage. They preferred their Payroll provider as the system of record, wanted to reduce manual processes on the benefits process, and needed better response times from their broker.

The Opportunity

Wearing multiple hats, the CFO sought improved broker service to efficiently manage his diverse responsibilities. This enhanced support enables him to navigate his various financial roles with greater ease and make informed decisions, ultimately optimizing his overall efficiency.

The CFO wore many hats and needed better service from his broker.

The Solution & Outcome

The recent integration of Benefits Admin into their Payroll platform has brought forth a range of advantages for the company. One notable enhancement is the improved Benefits Service, which is now characterized by elevated levels of support and remarkably swift response times. This not only boosts employee satisfaction but also demonstrates the organization’s commitment to their well-being. Additionally, the implementation has led to a streamlining of processes, particularly benefiting the CFO by reducing the need for laborious manual tasks. This newfound efficiency allows the CFO to allocate more time and resources towards strategic financial decision-making, ultimately contributing to the company’s overall growth and success.