Providing great service to a CFO wearing many hats while improving their payroll process

East Rochester, New York

Client Overview

This addiction treatment company is a closely-held organization focused on providing treatment for patients and providers globally and digitally. They have staff located all over the country and are positioned for high growth.

The Opportunity

Simply put, the CFO needed service. He, like many others is in a high-growth company and wears many hats. He was not getting the Payroll service he needed and was also in need of a Dental program that would service his employees across the country with a good network.

Simply put, the Chief Financial Officer needed service

The Solution & Outcome

By extending Payroll Support, the company embarked on a strategic initiative to reengineer its HRIS platform, aiming for optimized efficiency and functionality. An essential step in this endeavor involved revising Dental plans to encompass a broader network, better aligned with the diverse needs of the staff. This adjustment not only enhanced employee satisfaction but also showcased the organization’s commitment to comprehensive benefits. Moreover, the implementation of these changes led to an elevated Payroll Service, characterized by more robust and responsive support, reinforcing the company’s dedication to streamlining processes and improving overall employee experience.