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Please note that starting May 12th, there will be modifications in the coverage of COVID-19 in NYS. These modifications may encompass changes in how vaccines and testings are covered.

This is a change to Federal Law, currently there has been no change to the NYS Covid Sick Pay requirements.

Jeff Nagel, Director of Benefits


Composed by: Dyanna Serrano

Why New York Paid Family Leave is Important:
In New York State, employers have obligations to offer Paid Family Leave to eligible employees. All private employers with at employee working in New York are required to provide Paid Family Leave benefits to eligible employees.

What is Paid Family Leave?
New York Paid Family Leave is a benefit that provides eligible employees with job-protected time off and wage replacement to bond with a new child, care for a seriously ill family member or handle certain military family needs.

Key obligations of employers in NYS related to Paid Family Leave:

  • Provide Paid Family Leave Coverage: All private employers in New York State must provide Paid Family Leave coverage to eligible employees. Public employers can choose to opt into the program.
  • Deduct Employee Contributions: Employers must deduct employee contributions for Paid Family Leave from employee paychecks. The maximum employee contribution rate is determined annually by the New York State Department of Financial Services.
  • Provide Notice: Employers must provide written notice to all employees regarding their Paid Family Leave rights and obligations at the time of hire and on an annual basis. The notice must include information on how to file a claim for Paid Family Leave, the length of leave available, the amount of wage replacement available, and the employee contribution rate.
  • Maintain Records: Employers must maintain records of all employee contributions and all Paid Family Leave claims filed by employees for a minimum of six years.
  • Protect Employee Rights: Employers cannot retaliate against an employee for exercising their right to take Paid Family Leave. Employers must also maintain health insurance for employees taking Paid Family Leave for up to 12 weeks in a 52-week period.
  • Coordinate with Other Leave Policies: Employers must coordinate Paid Family Leave with other leave policies, such as the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and New York State’s own sick leave law.

In summary, determining whether an employee is eligible for NY Paid Family Leave is critical to ensuring compliance with state law and protecting the rights and job security of both the employee and employer. Failing to offer NY Paid Family Leave to an eligible employee can result in legal liability for the employer and can harm the employee’s job security and financial stability.

Employers should take NY Paid Family Leave eligibility evaluations seriously and follow established procedures to ensure that all eligible employees are provided with the benefits and protections afforded by the program.

Helpful link to the NYS Employer PFL Checklist- NYS Paid Family Leave: Information for Employers

Additional HR Updates

The Veterans Benefits and Services poster have updated their requirements for employers in NYS with over 50 employees, the poster is linked below with more information.

Veterans Benefits and Services poster:

Additionally, all posters must be available in digital format whether this be through email form, on the employer’s website, or the company’s intranet. For more information on posting requirements go to or see below for the labor law poster combo.

Updated NYS sexual harassment notice and training:

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Dyanna Serrano, Director of HR Services

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