What is the planning process the Wealth team follows when working with clients?

The Financial Advisors follow a 5-step process when working with their clients.

  1. Step 1: We identify and determine your current areas of financial concern. “Where do you want to be”?
  2. Step 2: We gather the necessary data to better understand your current situation and help to develop your financial goals and priorities. “Where are you now”?
  3. Step 3: We do an in-depth analysis of the data we obtained, develop a plan to present and show you the results of the analysis, and make sure they align with your priorities. “Are you on track to get there”?
  4. Step 4: We create and evaluate the options that make the most sense to get you to your goals. We present the plan and implement the solutions to put action to your plan. “A plan without action is just a dream”.
  5. Step 5: An on-going review of the plan and your situation to make any adjustments necessary along the way to get you to your goals.
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