Not-for-profit looking to Reorganize their Employee Benefits

Written by Shaun Anderson

Client Overview

Our prospect was a not-for-profit and family-owned organization that works to prevent domestic violence and offer resources to those in need.

The Opportunity

The company was disjointed in their systems for Payroll, 401K, Benefits. Their disconnect was in relation to each service being a different vendor, all of which struggled to communicate with their general ledger. Technology Interface and Human Interaction between system were not compatible, which was a direct reflection on the frustration with their operations. ERS found an opportunity to assist in their frustrations with the hopes they could focus less on the administrative tasks and more on their work at hand for the community. ERS is a boutique service that streamlines services, creating an avenue of accessibility and transparency with their services.

We looked to provide solutions that streamline their systems to relieve the frustrations of disconnect.

The Solution

Employee Retention Solutions works to provide a high service solution for businesses. We approach each client as a partner, being mindful of their organizations size, administrative needs, and offerings to ensure their workforce gets exactly what they need.  We looked to provide solutions that streamline their systems to relieve the frustrations of disconnect. Options included rolling out a Human Capital Management system – ADP Workforce Now. This system allows full access within one system which houses 401k, payroll, benefits administration, all tying to their ledger.

The Process

  1. Discovery process: We assess their current process to establish their needs on how they can best be supported.
  2. Engagement:
    1. INTERNAL: Our team meets to compile the information to come up with options. Look for multiple solutions on vendors to provide a full package. Review all their document, 401k plan, benefit plan, payroll set ups to make sure everything is accurate set up. Through this process we identify opportunities both financially and operationally for the client.
    2. CLIENT: Our ERS team meets with the client to communicate strategic plans providing multiple avenues for them to choose from. Our ERS team creates demos for the company to work through to see which option best fits their needs, running through multiple scenarios.
  3. Selection: Following our meeting where we inform, education and demo, the client selects the best option to support their company.

The Outcome

The prospect became our client, in which they decided to fully onboard with Employee Retention Solutions. Upon selecting the best plan that suited their needs, we not only streamlined their process, but we removed any hindrances they were facing. Employee Retention Solution’s strategic planning and execution allowed our client to truly focus all their efforts on preventing domestic violence and providing the support our community needs.